China Donates 3,000 Rifles to Philippines

    Chinese Norinco CQ-A5b laid out at the handover ceremony (Rappler)

    On the 5th of October, China and the Philippines held a handover ceremony for 3,000 rifles in Manilla. China has donated another 3,000 rifles to President Rodrigo Duterte’s Philippines in an effort to aid the countries war on drugs and terrorism.

    The Norinco CQ-A5b rifles are M4 clones introduced by the Chinese company in 2006, the donation, reportedly worth $4.4 million, also included 3 million round of ammunition and 90 optics. This follows a similar donation of 3,000 rifles of various types and 6 million rounds of ammunition handed over in June.

    Defence Secretary Lorenzana, Chinese Ambassador Zhao Jianhua and General Eduardo Ano examine the new rifles during the ceremony (SN1 Donald Viluan PN/PAOAFP)

    The hand over ceremony was not attended by President Duterte but a number of high ranking officials from both China and the Philippines attended including: Defence Secretary Delfin Lorenzana, Chinese Ambassador Zhao Jianhua and the Philippine army chief General Eduardo Ano. Ambassador Zhao Jianhua said: “The donation demonstrates that China firmly supports the Philippines’ campaign against ISIS-inspired terrorism.”

    The US made a similar transfer of arms and equipment back in June, donating 300 M4 carbines, 200 Glock 21 pistols, 4 M134D Gatling-style machine guns and 100 M203 grenade launchers and 25 Combat Rubber Raiding Craft at a ceremony at the US embassy. The donations of equipment from both nations come as the Philippine’s ramp up their campaign against ISIS affiliated militants that seized the city of Marawi in May.

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