Saber 5 Systems CLUB Glock Magazine Floor Plate System

    Saber 5 Systems CLUB (Configurable Locking Utility Baseplate) system is a Glock magazine floor plate replacement with multiple attachment options. The mounting system simply replaces the factory floor plate and allows attaching a finger extension, finger loop, glass breaker or enlarged baseplates. It is designed to make the same magazines configurable for multiple roles – competition, concealed carry, duty etc.

    In the above image, you can see the mounting system which can be covered by a cover plate if no accessories are attached. The dimpled cover plate allows marking the magazines. As mentioned above, there are several attachment options available. For competition shooters, there are two size baseplate extensions (see the image below) which add gripping surface to the floor plate for faster malfunction clearing. These extensions feature dimpled bottom surfaces, too.

    Another attachment is the finger extension. Although the manufacturer advertises it as a good addition to compact Glock frames for people with larger hands, I think it will be most useful with subcompact frames to add a pinky rest.

    Next attachment is a finger loop which is supposed to work like the Magpul loops. It is designed to be large enough to fit gloved fingers.

    And the last attachment is a pyramid-shaped glass breaker. It should be possible to also use it as a defensive tool in certain situations. Tapping the magazine to insert it in place should be a pain in the palm with this accessory.

    The CLUB baseplate is compatible with the following Glock model magazines: 17, 19, 22, 23, 26, 27, 31, 32, 33, 34, and 35. All the parts of this system are CNC machined from billet aluminum with the exception of the glass breaker which is made of 4140 steel. The CLUB set is available through Lone Wolf Distributors website. The price of the floor plate (the attachment platform) with the dimpled cover plate is $32. The described additional attachments are sold separately costing $21 each.

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