POTD: PK Design Lab Is Working On A Suppressor

    Paul Kim of PK Designlab is working on a suppressor design. You may recognize the name. He was Senior VP of Engineering at SureFire. A couple years back he separated from SureFire to start up his own company, PK Designlab, He is most well known for his work on flashlights although he has worked on non flashlight projects with companies like Lionheart who made the LH9.


    Engieering due diligence is one of our core missions. My previous Gen 1 suppressor was never analyzed to this level of scrutiny. This time we are doing it right.

    Here is a sneak preview of the finite element analysis and computational fluid dynamics analysis of our Gen 2 VORTEX suppressor design.

    Can’s reveal too much but expect a new revolution in suppressor design.