Brownells Offering Custom Glock Pistol Slides

    brownells slides

    Brownells, the go-to shop for gunsmithing supplies, recently began to sell its own third generation Glock pistol slides (not compatible with Gen4 or newer guns.) The first offering from the company was a slide with a cut for a Trijicon RMR sight. Additional slides have been added that do not have that cut and are designed for traditional “iron” sights alone.

    Both of the slides share a number of common features. For example, all of the slides are machined 17-4 stainless steel and have a matte black nitride finish. While the exteriors are obviously not stock, the internal dimensions have been made to factory specifications. There are versions of the slides that are designed for the G19 and G17.

    brownells slides

    The rear of each slide has vertical serrations that are cut to the same depth as the factory slides. Up front, Brownells added a set of wraparound serrations. There are also models that have a “window” cut into the top of the slide that is located between the front slide serrations.

    You can see a brief introduction of the slides in this video from Brownells:

    Depending on what model you want, pricing runs from $199.99 to $229.99. The slides do not have many reviews yet posted on the Brownells site. However, the feedback seems mostly positive (four and five stars) with one dissenter who simply stated “Fitting Required, Poor Quality.”

    brownells slides

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