Ukraine Starts Testing the WAC-47 Assault Rifle

    Ukrainian state-owned defense corporation Ukroboronprom has announced that Ukraine starts testing the new modular AR-15 style rifles called WAC-47. Earlier we have reported about this intention and now the testing of this firearm has started.

    By changing the upper receiver assemblies, it will be possible to change the caliber from 7.62x39mm to 5.56×45 NATO and vice versa. The modularity of AR-15 platform will allow them to use the existing stocks of 7.62x39mm cartridges and at the same time, be able to switch to the NATO cartridge. This caliber conversion possibility will make the integration and joint operations of Ukrainian armed forces with NATO countries a much easier process in terms of logistics and ammunition compatibility. It will also allow a smooth and cost-effective transition to the NATO caliber. According to Ukroboronprom, they may also consider having conversion kits for 5.45x39mm, .458 SOCOM, and 6.8 SPC cartridges. The WAC-47 will also have upper receivers with different barrel lengths (10.5 “, 11.5″, 14.5″, 18″ or 24”) to adapt it to any particular mission or soldier specialty.

    WAC-47 rifles are designed in cooperation with a US company called Aeroscraft. If the results of the tests are satisfactory, Ukraine will adopt these rifles and they will be manufactured in Ukroboronservice which is a subsidiary of Ukroboronprom. The first units to receive these rifles will be the Lithuanian–Polish–Ukrainian Brigade and Ukrainian peacekeeping forces. Later, Ukraine plans to issue the WAC-47 rifles to other armed forces units, too.

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