Ghost Gunner 2 – Pistol Making Update

    Defense Distributed is a small company located in Texas that makes a specialized CNC machine called a Ghost Gunner that allows individuals to mill an AR lower. While anyone can complete an 80% AR lower with a few hand held power tools, the Ghost Gunner allows, in theory, a more elegant solution. Simply position your 80% lower in the machine and let the computer programĀ take care of all of the milling and drilling.

    Now, Defense Distributed announced it has updated the Ghost Gunner 2 machine to mill 80% pistol frames.

    According to the company, the updated machines can finish an 80% 1911 frame. Additionally, the company is stating that the Ghost Gunner 2 will be able to finish a Polymer80 frame. This means that a home user with one machine can craft the serialized portions of weapons that are compatible with three of the world’s most popular firearms: the AR, the 1911 and the Glock.

    The company stated that it plans on releasing updates to the Ghost Gunner in 2018 that will also allow it to complete SIG SAUER and CZ receivers. Additionally, it expects to support other Polymer80 pistol frames as well.

    I’ve enjoyed building firearms from 80% lowers, but I’ve always used hand tools and jigs to get it done. The Ghost Gunner system is certainly appealing, and I wish the company continued success in its efforts.

    Note: Building a firearm from an 80% lower without a serial number is completely legal under the laws of the United States of America as long as it is for your own personal use. Various states may have imposed more restrictive laws regarding registrations and serial numbers. It’s your responsibility to know the laws for your area.

    Richard Johnson

    An advocate of gun proliferation zones, Richard is a long time shooter, former cop and internet entrepreneur. Among the many places he calls home is