[Videos] SilencerCo Gives the Low-Down on the New Maxim 50

    SilencerCo Maxim50

    Last month SilencerCo unveiled their latest innovative product, a suppressed firearm that is completely legal in all 50 US states. The Maxim 50 ingeniously sidesteps the NFA’s suppressor restrictions, although some individual states including New Jersey, Massachusetts and California are challenging this.

    The Maxim 50 is a suppressed .50 calibre muzzleloader based on the Traditions Firearms Vortek Strikerfire muzzleloader. With the suppressor fixed to the barrel and the weapon being a muzzleloader, the new system raised some questions amongst the gun community. SilencerCo have responded with a series of videos explaining everything from cleaning the Maxim 50 to how to load it.

    Here’s SilencerCo’s initial teaser video:

    The first short video gives an overview of the Maxim 50, featuring some beauty shots and a run down of the weapon’s unique features including smoke and recoil reduction:

    Perhaps the most important video explains how to load and fire the Maxim 50, essential for those shooters who aren’t familiar with modern muzzleloader shooting. In this video we can see the brass tube used to protect the suppressor’s baffles and aid loading:

    SilencerCo have made a pair of videos explaining and demonstrating how to both field strip and fully disassemble the gun down to its core components for cleaning:

    The final video explains how to remove and clean out the Maxim 50’s accelerator breech plug which holds the shotgun primer which sets off the powder charge. SilencerCo recommend users clean the breech plug after every 10 to 15 shots:

    SilencerCo’s series of videos do a good job of explaining some of the intricacies of the Maxim 50’s design and how best to load, fire, disassemble and clean the weapon. It remains to be seen just how popular the Maxim 50 will be with muzzleloading shooters and the wider firearms community but the chance to have a suppressed firearm without a¬†Form 4 is pretty appealing.

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