Mogadishu Replica AR by TROY – Big 3 East

    Troy came out to Big 3 East for their first time and brought out their latest and greatest. Lately Troy has been following the nostalgia trend. They came out with a replica of the XM177E and GAU-5/A/A. Well now they are making a replica of the rifle used in Mogadishu. You may have seen it in the Blackhawk Down movie. To celebrate the 25th anniversary of that event. Troy is making a replica of the M16A2 SFOD-D.

    TROY honors the elite units of the Army and Air Force Special Operations and Navy Special Warfare Commands’ Task Force Ranger with this historically accurate M16A2 Carbine. In the fall of 1993, Task Force Ranger embarked on a joint military raid into Mogadishu, Somalia. Operation Gothic Serpent rapidly devolved when two US Black Hawk helicopters were downed unexpectedly by Somalian militia. The prolonged standoff of the deadly Battle of Mogadishu claimed the lives of 18 Americans, with 73 wounded and 1 captured. Continuing the My Service Rifle tradition, a portion of the sales on these exacting replicas will be used for military charities that support and honor our veterans and their families.

    Unfortunatley the Redimag, Aimpoint and Surefire Light with mount are not included with the rifle. The Mogadishu rifle will retail for $1299.


    Troy also brought out their latest SOC-C line of rifles. Below is their super short SBR. Well actually it is a machine gun and super loud.


    The SOC-C hand guards are thinner to allow a full grip in order to use a PEQ15.


    The SOC-C iron sights are smaller in profile than any previous Troy battle sights. The charging handle is designed to divert gasses away from the face.


    The selector switch on the SOC-C has a slight bend in it. It was designed like that due to the PDW stock bars. When the stock is collapsed, the selector switch is very close to the bars making it challenging to manipulate. The bend makes it easier however in full auto mode, it is tricky to put it back on safe with the stock closed.

    The SOC-C PDW stock allows for a traditional buffer and BCG to be used compared to their previous PDW stock which had a proprietary bcg/buffer.

    Troy also makes a universal PDW stock called the Airborne. It uses a standard carbine buffer tube to be used rather than a proprietary buffer tube.


    While a little late to the game, Troy is making a 9mm carbine.

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