Zenith Drops Everything In Favor Of Roller-Delayed Guns

    Decades after the first roller lock/delayed action firearm rolled off the assembly line, the platform is still in use around the world by militaries, law enforcement and civilians alike. In the United States, HK-style rifles, carbines and pistol caliber carbines have enjoyed increasing popularity in the past few years. With parts becoming more available and skilled builders having access to more efficient manufacturing processes, prices have leveled out at (nearly) affordable levels. Currently leading the pack in terms of availablity, price and features is Zenith Firearms.

    In a hopeful sign of good things to come, Zenith just announced that they have discontinued the sale of their Tisas, Girsan, and Tedna line of firearms in favor of focusing on the manufacturing, sales and support of their very popular roller-delayed guns. The company has teased upcoming new releases on social media in past weeks. Personally I’m looking forward to seeing what’s to come.

    Zenith Firearms Eliminates Product Lines To Support Roller-Delayed Blowback centric Business Model

    September 25th, 2017


    Afton, VA: Zenith Firearms has eliminated three product lines to make way for a heightened and exclusive focus on its signature roller-delayed blowback firearms. This move is the logical result of Zenith’s recent decision to change its business model from one in which it distributes a wide variety of firearm products, to one in which it intensively researches, develops, manufactures, and distributes only those firearms that comprise its signature line. Zenith sold all remaining inventory of its eliminated product lines, which include Tisas, Girsan, and Tedna, to Texas-based firearms wholesale liquidator CDNN Sports.

    CEO Hanri Kaya commented on the new business model: “What we’re after is an undivided focus. That is critical if we are to develop the roller-delayed blowback platform to its greatest potential within the context of large-scale production and distribution.”

    Zenith’s ongoing investment in a significant manufacturing capability began with its second quarter 2017 occupation of a brand new 84,000 square foot industrial facility, built specifically for firearms manufacturing. With progress currently underway to secure machinery and related assets, the Company’s customers, as well as current and prospective users of the roller-delayed blowback platform, can look forward to the following from Zenith in 2018:

    • Introduction of mid-life improvements to existing roller-delayed blowback models
    • Domestic manufacturing of new, hard-to-find, and 922(r)-relevant accessories
    • Greater consistency in meeting consumer demand
    • Service to an increasing number of law enforcement and government agencies

    About Zenith Firearms: Zenith Firearms, Inc. is an Afton, VA-based, American family-owned company that works closely with MKE (Mechanical and Chemical Industry Corporation) of Turkey to bring the legendary reliability and design of roller-delayed blowback firearms to the U.S. market. Zenith is a BATFE-licensed manufacturer and importer of destructive devices (FFLs 10 and 11), and a DDTC licensed exporter and broker of defense articles.

    Zenith Firearms is an American, family-owned company based in Afton, Virginia. Zenith works closely with the people of MKE (Mechanical and Chemical Industry Corporation) of Turkey to bring the legendary reliability and design of roller-delayed blowback firearms to the American shooting community. With more than 40 years of experience manufacturing roller-delayed firearms using original tooling, dies, and data, MKE’s products deliver the exact performance that veteran users of this platform have come to expect.


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