Russian FSO, FSB, National Guard Adopt TSNII “Tochnost” Precision Rifle

    The Russian Federal Protective Service ( FSO, a rough equivalent of the U.S. Secret Service)Federal Security Service (FSB, a rough equivalent of the U.S. FBI) and the National Guard have adopted a rifle from the Russian company TsNIITochMash, which produces a bolt action precision rifle by the name of Tochnost/Точность, or Precision/accuracy. All three of these organizations operate mainly within Russia itself and are primarily and historically associated with security of the interior of the country. Unlike the U.S. National Guard, the National Guard of the Russian Federation is extremely new in its organization, only having been founded last year in April of 2016. Suffice to say, an adoption by all three of these organizations is a very substantial  adoption given the size of all three organizations, despite the adoption being a precision rifle system.

    Media reports state that the rifle was adopted in two calibers, 7.62x54Rmm and .338 Lapua. However, reports about 7.62x54Rmm are perhaps incorrect as the media might have reported it wrong. The design is reported to be similar to the commercial ORSIS T-5000

    From our very own Hrachya-

    [CEO] Semizorov said the delivery will start this year. He also said they have hard time meeting the ministry of defense requirements for army adoption. Ministry asks features that can’t be accomplished without the use of imported materials and machinery. Their military also requires having no imported parts or materials used on the rifle and even no imported machinery and equipment used to manufacture the gun.
    There were a number of changes incorporated into the design to meet the military requirements. It was expected to be adopted in 2020 but mentioned organizations decided it is ok to adopt now.

    TsNIITochMash, or as it’s full name in English is- Central Scientific Research Institute for Precision Machine Engineering, is an internal design bureau that has produced numerous defense related designs over the decades, perhaps the most interesting to TFB readers is the development of the AN-94.

    Much Thanks to Fellow TFB Writer Hrachya H. for the translation of these articles!


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