MOD*X™ Side Folder Mechanism for the KRISS Vector

    American Built Arms Company has recently released a version of their MOD*X™ Side Folder Mechanism for the KRISS Vector series of pistols to allow a user to mount an ATF approved pistol brace on. The side folding mechanism simply threads directly onto the rear of a Vector pistol, and folds to the left of the firearm. It locks in position on the left, and then unlocks via a button on the mechanism itself, allowing a user to unfold the stock to the right and lock the pistol brace into position to fire the pistol. Customers have to purchase their own brace buffer tubes that thread into the mechanism on their own. Be sure to not purchase an AR rifle tube as this constitutes a rifle stock, thus turning the pistol into an illegal SBR.

    A convenient feature of the folding mechanism is that it works with any receiver that will allow AR buffer tubes to thread directly in. Although the price on the website is $109.99, compared to the imported HERA Arms Side Folding Unit that is routinely higher in price and much harder to find because it has to be imported from Germany, if the quality is the same or even higher, then the MOD*X* might be a better deal for American consumers.

    From the press release-

    American Built Arms Company (A*B Arms), a veteran-owned, Type 07/NFA FFL manufacturer of firearms and firearms parts and accessories to the law enforcement, military and civilian market, is now shipping the A*B Arms MOD*X™ Side Folder Mechanism for the KRISS Vector line of firearm products.

    Made in the U.S.A., the MOD*X™ Side Folder Mechanism is an affordable, lightweight adapter compatible with the KRISS Vector. The MOD*X Side Folder Mechanism allows KRISS Vector owners to add their own AR-style pistol braces or butt stocks to be used in a side-folding configuration.

    “The MOD*X™ Side Folder Mechanism was originally designed around the extremely popular MOD*X GEN III™ Modular Rifle System,” says Jason Combs, President and Founder of American Built Arms Company. “We found that our MOD*X Side Folder Mechanism works perfectly with the KRISS Vector.”

    This is a video of one of the employees demonstrating the device mounted on a Vector-


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