Wilson Combat Announces New Series of Hunting Rifles

    Wilson Ultimate Hunter Lead

    Wilson Combat recently introduced three models in the new AR Hunter line of semi-automatic rifles. The new guns are the Ultimate Hunter, the Tactical Hunter and the Ultralight Hunter.

    According to the company, these guns are “lightweight, large bore AR perfection.” Wilson Combat states that this series of rifles was designed with the intent to provide shooters with the lightest large bore AR rifles available. Weights range from 7.0 pounds for the Ultralight Hunter to 7.7 pounds for the Tactical Hunter. The Ultimate Hunter lands between the two at a hair over 7.3 pounds.

    All of the guns have stainless steel, match grade barrels with button rifling. Wilson Combat also uses a low mass bolt carrier with an adjustable gas block to allow you to tune the gun to your ammunition for reliable performance. All guns come with a 100 yard sub-1″ 3-shot group guarantee.

    Ultimate Hunter

    Wilson Ultimate Hunter

    According to the company, this is Bill Wilson’s ideal hunting AR. It is offered in chamberings for the .308 Win, .338 Federal, .358 Win and 6.5 Creedmoor. For all of the cartridges except the 6.5 Creedmoor, the gun is fitted with an 18″ fluted barrel standard. The 6.5 is offered with either a 20″ or 22″ fluted barrel standard.

    Up front, the company uses an M-LOK rail of its own design. The carbon fiber stock is a fixed unit provided by Smoke Composites.

    These rifles can be purchased as a kit with either a Leupold VX-2 3-9×40 or a Burris FFE1 4-14×42. The base rifle without a scope has a price of $3,345.

    Tactical Hunter

    Wilson Tactical Hunter

    This hunting rifle was developed to provide a dual role as a defensive firearm in addition to putting food on the table. It has an adjustable Rogers Super-Stoc, threaded barrel and M-LOK compatible hand guard.

    In addition to the cartridges available for the Ultimate Hunter, this model also has options for the 7mm-08 Rem and 260 Rem. Standard configurations include both 18″ and 20″ barrels of the standard and fluted varieties.

    As with the Ultimate Hunter, the Tactical Hunter can be has with either the Leupold or Burris scope. This one starts at $3,145 for a base, non-fluted barrel version.

    Ultralight Hunter

    Wilson Ultralight Hunter

    Weight reduction is the obvious goal with the Ultralight Hunter. Wilson Combat uses a lightweight billet lower, lightweight bolt carrier, ultralight profile barrel, carbon fiber stock and M-LOK hand guard to help keep the ounces off.

    Also helping to lighten the load is the barrel length which has been cut to 16.2″. You can get this specific model in .308 Win, .338 Federal and .358 Win. A scoped package is available with this model – though only the Leupold is offered.

    The base price is $3,295.

    These rifles offer a lot more than I’ve covered in this overview. Please click the links to the specific models at the top of this article to get additional details about each gun.

    Richard Johnson

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