Russian PATRIOT Park to Host a Year-Round Military Exhibition

    One of the most significant military events in the Russian Patriot Park is ARMY exhibition held annually in August. This year it was especially successful for the Russian companies. Particularly, Rostec State Corporation has signed sales contracts of a total sum of 40 billion rubles (about $692,240,000). As a result of evaluation of the ARMY-2017, Russian largest military and LE products manufacturers will arrange a year-round exhibition in the Patriot Park.

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    Among the Russian companies to take part in this project will be the Rostec State Corporation, United Aircraft Corporation, United Shipbuilding Corporation, Almaz-Antey, Tactical Missile Corporation and Kalashnikov Concern. The “Kalashnikov” shooting range/club will also join the project.

    The year-round exhibition is expected to boost the sales and become a good marketing tool for the Russian companies. It will allow the potential customers (including those from foreign countries) to visit the park and see the products of mentioned companies any time of the year.

    Reportedly, this year-round project is started based on the Russian president’s executive order.

    During the opening ceremony of Patriot Park in 2015, Russian minister of defense Sergey Shoygu called the park a “military supermarket”. Maybe Russian government was planning this right from the beginning and the expression of the minister of defense meant that it will eventually become a year-round exhibition.

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