PPS43 Coming To America – Big 3 East

    Pioneer Arms Corps USA will be bringing in PPS43 pistol into the US. It will be chambered in 7.62×25. According to Vice President CJ Johnson, the PPS43 will come with a permanently affixed stock. It is welded shut however they have plans down the road for a brace. The best ammo to use is Wolf Gold 7.62×25.

    Pioneer is also working on bringing in a short barrel Draco pistol. It is similar to the Interams Hellpup and made by Radom in Poland.

    Pioneer will also be working on importing sporterized AK-47s and getting US 922 compliance parts for them.

    By next year will work on making the parts themselves. Engineers and machinsts from Poland will teach and certify US employees.

    No word just yet on pricing or availability on these. Once we find out we will update you.

    Nicholas C

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