Colombian Cordova Handguns Might Come to US, Canadian Markets

    Representatives from the Columbian state arsenal Indumil recently talked to Jane’s Defense about the companies direction in trying to market their 9x19mm NATO Cordova handguns for civilian sale in the United States. Indumil is reaching out to various dealers within the United States, Canada, and even Mexico in an attempt to broaden the companies international customer base. Mexico has only a single legal gun store for civilian purchase, so the Mexican option is probably aimed at government or police purchases. However the Canadian and U.S. markets appear to be for civilian purchase. If Indumil does have a successful run in the United States, it could very well be competition for Taurus when it comes to semi-automatic handguns from South America.

    The Cordova design has been around since 2010, and has been sold to a number of Columbian security entities, both government and private. The handgun is a a magazine fed (9 or 15), double action with exposed hammer, manually operated safety using a Browning short recoil operation with titling barrel. There are three models, a Tactical, Standard, and Compact. It features a picatinny rail for light attachments that comes with a removable dust cover. It also has interchangeable backstraps. The handgun is easily recognizable by the unique contour of the polymer grip, and the enormous slide release. The company has also reached out to markets in Chile, Paraguay, Ecuador and Peru, but appears to have met limited success. Among handguns, the state run company also makes heavy ordnance, ammunition, in addition a wide variety of defense products.

    Photograph from World.Guns.Ru-

    Specifications from World.Guns.Ru-

    Trigger type

    Double action



    Weight, empty

    0.7 kg


    199 mm

    Barrel length

    117 mm


    9 or 15 rounds


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