DRD Tactical Announces Aptus Weapon System Now Shipping

    Aptus rifle

    DRD Tactical announced the company was now shipping the Aptus Multi-Caliber Weapon System. Both pistol and rifle versions of the gun will now be available.

    Both the rifle and pistol versions of the Aptus will be available in chamberings for the 5.56 NATO and 300 BLK cartridges. The company anticipates offering additional calibers in October of 2017. Rifle versions of the gun will ship with a 16″ barrel while pistol shooters can choose from 7.5″, 8.5″. 10.5″ or 11.5″ lengths.

    Aptus pistol

    These guns are direct gas operated with an internal recoil system that eliminates the need for a buffer tube assembly. This allows the company to use a folding Magpul stock on the rifle versions and a folding arm brace on the pistol versions. Additionally, the system uses a non-reciprocating charging handle on the left side of the firearm.

    Edward got a chance to take a look at a pre-production SBR version of the Aptus at the SHOT Show:

    The below video shows the Aptus rifle being fired with a Saker suppressor. It is chambered in 300 BLK and the shooter is using subsonic loads.

    Pricing on the Aptus guns varies depending on finish and model desired. The suggested retail pricing ranges from $1,495 for a basic pistol model to $2,075 for a braced pistol with the NiB Battle Worn finish.

    Richard Johnson

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