New Revolutionary Designed Revol Arms DL45 Handgun

    Oleg Volk got to test out Revol Arms prototype DL45 pistol.

    The DL45 is the only firearm of its kind, specifically engineered to increase accuracy and diminish recoil. The short recoil, locked breech, centerfire pistol was designed on a completely new platform.

    The close proximity of the hammer, sear, and trigger facilitates a change in the relationship of the slide, barrel, and hand location to shorten and control the horizontal movement of the barrel. In addition, the sights are mounted on the barrel and the frame.

    ​The DL45 also features a completely unique internal slide mechanism, which facilitates higher hand position, further enhancing accuracy and recoil recovery.

    The DL45 is truly the only firearm of its kind. Because of the internal slide mechanism, the shooter can keep their hand in line with barrel for increased control and quicker recoil recovery. The slide does not retract over your hand, eliminating possibility of the injury many times referred to as “slide bite”.

    ​The DL45 is also outfitted with top safety features, including safety locks for the trigger, sear, and hammer. There is no free travel on trigger safety, so it’s impossible to misinterpret the safety position, and the safety is easily released with thumb of the support hand after right hand has positioned the pistol on target.

    With an 8+ inch sight radius, the DL45 doesn’t skimp on accuracy. We mounted the sights on frame and barrel for improved accuracy, and the trigger movement is short and easy to activate. The DL45 is great for reloaders too, as the casings land in close proximity when shooting. And cleaning and caring for the pistol is a breeze with the DL45’s easy, pull-one-pin field stripping capabilities.

    As you can see in the photo below, the slide retracts into the frame thus avoiding slide bite. They should have opted for a frame mounted red dot some what like the B&T USW.
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