POTD: X Light Zero -Low Light Stance By Instructor Zero

    Instructor Zero posted up this photo of a new low light stance that he has developed. I dabble in flashlight/firearm manipulation and question the validity of this new stance. I tried to keep an open mind and asked him what problem does this stance solve where other stances failed. He did not reply but posted a 35 minute video about this stance.

    The video is long and he is even more long winded. I was only able to find two points in the 35 minute video about this stance.

    1. Stable shooting
    2. The light is on your right side so it helps to save your left eye natural night vision

    I am not sure how he qualifies that this is stable for shooting. You are shooting the pistol one handed. That is not as stable as two handed shooting. Also I do not see how this is any more stable than the FBI modified light stance.

    Yes the light is on the right hand side but I do not see how that saves your left eye unless you wink and close your left eye. The light bouncing off the wall will still dampen your left eye night vision. The other obvious problem is the massive shadow that is casted on the left side by your shooting arm. At least with FBI search modified, your support hand is up and away from the body illuminating as much as possible and draws the attention of the subject away from your body. By crossing your left arm for the X Light Zero stance, now your support hand is at a slight disadvantage for manipulating things like mag reloads, opening doors or even for defensive blocking.

    In the video he pontificates the obvious. The benefits of having two lights over just one light. I have yet to see him explain how this stance is better than other stances other than “because he tested it in the real world”. I would like a better detailed analysis point for point. If you are presenting a new idea, you need evidence of why it is better than all the other previous attempts. Unfortunately he failed to do so. I do not want to jump to the conclusion that this is not a great way to utilize a handheld light but Instructor Zero makes it very difficult to not draw that conclusion. What do you think? Have you taken a low light pistol course?