[MSPO 2017] Polish WBP Rogów Releases Short Barrel “Mini Jack” Kalashnikov

    Polish small arms company Wytwornia Broni Popinski (Popinski’s Weapon Manufacturing), has brought to market a short barrel (10.2 inch barrel, compared to the 16.3 inch full length Jack from WBP) Kalashnikov chambered in 7.62x39mm, called the “Mini Jack”. Apart from the barrel length, the rifle differs from the companies Jack rifle with a non standard Kalashnikov rear sight base (incorporating a Picatinny rail at 12 o’clock), a folding Egyptian “Maadi” style stock (folds to the right, locks at swivel point), a receiver cover that has a Picatinny optics rail which connects to the rear sight base (appears to be similar to a swivel Krinkov design), and folding iron sights affixed to the Picatinny rail segment. The handguards are the same as those found on the full size Jack rifle.

    Currently the rifle appears to be in prototype form and might be further worked on before being offered to the Polish commercial small arms market. This version is select fire (evident by the “third pin” directly above the magazine catch) and thus might only be offered to Polish LE entities.

    Other than the complete rifles produced by WBP, the company does export parts kits to the United States, specifically to Arms of America and Atlantic Firearms.

    Polish defense magazine MilMag has some excellent photographs of the Mini Jack available in their article covering the debut

    Much thanks to TFB reader Krzysztof K. for providing this news!

    (Apologies for the delay in publication, the author couldn’t get a chance to write up this development until recently)


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