Industry News: Additional Layoffs At SilencerCo

by Pete

Two weeks after a major product announcement and release, Salt Lake City based firearms manufacturer SilencerCo is reported to have implemented another round of employee layoffs. Although the official number of effected personnel is not immediately available, as many as 20 people from the customer service, marketing and public relations departments may have been affected by the downsizing.

The apparent workforce reduction comes about six months after the silencer company had initially released employees, purportedly related to the downturn in the industry. Last year new ATF regulations regarding transfer of NFA items into a trust spiked consumer sales before the ruling went into effect. However the resulting reaction was a broad industry slump that left some companies looking to reduce overhead – including layoffs.

Hoping for a big boost in sales revenue, SilencerCo just released the Maxim 50 – an innovative muzzleloading firearm equipped with a permanently attached ‘moderator’ that the ATF has deemed free of NFA regulations. Unfortunately; laws in eight states prevent Maxim 50 sales and another 8 states don’t allow hunting during primitive seasons as the gun comes outfitted from the factory.

I really hate reporting bad news – especially silencer industry bad news. Hopefully the now former SiCo employees will find new positions somewhere in the industry. There are some good and talented people who are now looking for jobs and Utah continues to to be a hub for gun companies.


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  • Shooter2009 Shooter2009 on Oct 02, 2017

    "...Although the official number of effected personnel..."

    "Affected," not "effected."

    I saw where you were looking for don't need more writers...just better ones.

  • Rogertc1 Rogertc1 on Oct 03, 2017

    Damn this mass shooting..