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Kalashnikov vs. Schmeisser: Myths, Legends, and Misconceptions [GUEST POST]

The following is an article that was originally written in Russian by TFB contributor Maxim Popenker, and Andrey Ulanov, and translated to English by Peter Samsonov. With their permission, I have replicated the text here, and edited it, for the enrichment of you, our [Read More…]

New hunting ammunition: 10.3 CAPRA

It’s unlikely you’ve ever heard of this hunting ammunition before: The 10.3 CAPRA. The mission was to develop a modern hunting ammunition for “fox to buffalo“, and according to Capra this is the answer. The bullet is lead free and designed to [Read More…]

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Possibly the Deal of the Sale: Why I love Ian’s CSRG Buy at Rock Island Auction

Gun Jesus Ian McCollum of Forgotten Weapons has already written about his success at Rock Island Auction’s recent sale, or more specifically about his acquisition of a CSRG Chauchat in .30-06. I love this buy, and here’s why: I wanted it. And, for what it’s [Read More…]

A Belt-Fed Bren Gun with a Fatal Flaw: The Experimental X11E4 at The Armourer’s Bench

After World War II, the UK sought to modernize its small arms, many of which were based on designs originating from before the First World War. For its medium machine gun, the British were still using the reliable but increasingly obsolete Vickers water cooled gun in [Read More…]

1-8x Variable Power Optics for USMC? Squad Common Optic Solicitation Released

The United States Marine Corps is looking for new advanced optics for rifles and IARs that are capable of switching between a low magnification mode and a high (6-8x) magnification mode, according to a recent request for information (RFI) released through FedBizOpps at [Read More…]

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