Kalashnikov Group’s new forging production facility

    Kalashnikov has implemented a development and investment strategy until 2020 with a target to broaden the range of competitive products as well as increasing the overall production process efficiency.

    Kalashnikov started already in 2014 and aim at providing updates on the buildings, machinery equipment and reducing the production space and costs, and increasing productivity.

    As part of this the Kalashnikov group, which is part of Rostekh‘s state corporation, has launched a new forging production facility. The start of the work of the forging production facility was given by the General Director of the State Corporation Rostek Sergey Chemezov.

    The old forge was built in 1934, and since then has not been updated. A new workshop is an object with a qualitatively different approach to the implementation of forging technology and hot volumetric stamping. The design and technology bureau with specialists of forging and pressing industries was recreated and actively started, new stamping lines were launched, energy costs were significantly reduced, “commented Alexey Krivoruchko, CEO of the Kalashnikov Concern.

    According to Kalashnikov five stamping lines of the new forging production not only allows to reduce the cost of the main energy carrier – compressed air, but also to improve working conditions and the quality of the products. The use of rotary gas heating furnaces with “smart” control meets the concept of modern forging. Heat treatment of forgings allows to reduce inter-shop moving and terms of delivery to the consumer.

    The full-fledged work of forging production will allow us not only to ensure the smooth operation of all the sites of the concern, but also to enter the foreign market,” added Alexey Krivoruchko.

    You can see a video from the newer than new facility here.

    Concern Kalashnikov is the largest Russian manufacturing company that produces assault and sniper rifles, guided artillery projectiles and a wide range of precision weapons. The major part of the civilian products includes hunting shotguns, sporting rifles, various machines and tools.

    Kalashnikov is the flagship of the Russian small arms manufacturing sector, producing about 95% of all small arms in Russia and supplying to more than 27 countries around the world.

    The Kalashnikov Concern contains three brands: “Kalashnikov” (combat and civilian weapons)”, “Baikal” (hunting and civilian guns), and “Izhmash” (sporting rifles), also the Concern is developing new business lines that include remote weapon stations, unmanned aerial vehicles and multi-functional special-purpose boats.

    Here’s an introduction to the Kalashnikov production process: https://kalashnikov.com/en/kalashnikov/production/

    In a recent article about Heckler & Koch you can see some pictures and video from their manufacturing processes as a comparison.

    In case you have seen pictures from some of the previous factories you will know that any modernization will sure be welcomed by the employees.









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