See-Through Suppressor Filmed in Slow Motion

    Destin of Smarter Every Day teamed up with Soteria Suppressors to film see through suppressors with a super slow motion camera. Soteria used a casted acrylic sleeve as the shroud for the suppressor, thus allowing the super slow motion camera to capture the muzzle blast and expansion inside the suppressor.

    As expected with some of the see through cans, there was a failure in the system. In the first can fired, the acrylic sleeve slipped right off the baffles.  In another test, the pressure was too much for an acrylic sleeve and it shattered in slow motion.



    There is a companion video labeled “Behind the scenes” it overlaps some areas of the first video but shows you some alternate footage of some of it.


    I hope they revisit this with handgun and rimfire cans. Also I would like to see the difference between super sonic and sub sonic rounds. Another interesting video would be to see what suppressor ablatives do to the inside of the can, although that might not film as well as the ablative might obscure the clear acrylic.  What else do you think they should test?

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