New CAA Micro-RONI PLUS Conversion Kit

    CAA has announced the upcoming release of the upgraded version of Micro-RONI chassis. The new version is called Micro-RONI Plus. It retains all the features of the previous model and adds some improvements. Let’s watch the CAA’s video introduction first.

    As shown in the video, the main design change is the addition of threaded “muzzle” portion. It allows attaching a number of accessories such as the glass breaker and the longer tube which looks like a fake suppressor and also can be used as a bayonet style fighting weapon. It will probably work as a blast diverter, too. The muzzle device retention accomplished by an AK-style spring loaded plunger is also a good feature.

    Overall, it looks to be a nice new modification of the Micro-RONI. I was going to end the article with the description of this new product, but then I realized something intriguing. So, as they say in the video and their website, they will also make a proprietary suppressor for Micro-RONI Plus. The question is how will they manage to seal it? It doesn’t attach to the barrel, but to the threaded chassis. You can’t just pressure fit it either because the short barrel recoiling action of Glock pistols has a rearward moving and tilting barrel. Obviously, they have found some unique solution to make it work. How do you think they have solved that issue?

    Hrachya H

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