GLOCK Limited Time Offer: Gen3 Pistols with RTF2 Grips and Scalloped Slide Serrations

    Glock has just announced that they are launching G17, G19 and G22 Gen 3 models with RTF2 grips. The G17 and G22 pistols will also have a standard or scalloped slide serration options. The reason they are offering these versions of their pistols is the huge demand from the fans of the brand. This will be a limited time and quantity offer. Glock also stated that the scalloped serration versions are also California compliant.

    The rumors concerning this release were floating around for several months. Earlier TFB published an article with leaked images.

    The RTF2 (Rough Textured Frame 2) grip texture was introduced in 2009. It is a rather sharp texture which arguably provides the most solid purchase (among factory textures) on the frame even with wet hands. Back then, the pistols also had the scalloped slide serrations (a.k.a. fish gill serrations).┬áThe┬ámentioned serrations had controversial acceptance in the market and were shortly discontinued. Later, the RTF2 gained more popularity and became a desirable feature among firearm owners and collectors. In 2016 Lipsey’s released a Vickers edition Glock with the RTF2 grip texture.

    Glock suggests contacting your local dealers to check the availability of the limited time offer pistols. I think these will be sold very quickly and become another must-have item for the collectors.

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