The B&T Discreet Shooting Bag: TP9 SMG PDW inside

    In the article about the KGB Operational Briefcase I promised to dig deeper with regards to the solution from B&T.

    I saw this at the B&T Police Days in Thun, Switzerland, in 2015 and took some pictures that I managed to dig out from my computer.

    Thinking about Swiss Watches and other Swiss advanced technical wonders you would expect the B&T solution to be advanced. However it’s a very basic product and sometimes less is more.

    The B&T discreet shooting bag is made for the MP9 SMG or the TP9 tactical pistol. Perhaps the new USW might fit as well?

    If 9×19 mm is too weak, I’m sure B&T can arrange (or already have arranged) a bag to be made for the APC556 or APC300 in 5,56 or 300 BLK.

    First a little background about the B&T MP9 and TP9.

    If less is more, the MP9-N is the perfect choice. Smaller, lighter and more flexible than all other sub-machineguns, the MP9-N is really convincing. The MP9 was refined and optimized in cooperation with special units from police and military. The MP9-N is currently in service with close protection teams as well as with SWAT teams worldwide. It is also a perfect choice as a Personal Defense Weapon (PDW).


    Some of the discreet carrying options from B&T.

    The B&T bag empty. Padding to protect the firearm and keep it centered.

    Low low visibility tactical gear.

    The B&T bag is really discreet and looks easy to carry and maneuver.

    The wrong end of the B&T bag. Note the velcro to cover the opening.

    You can find more information about the B&T Shooting bag here:

    The discreete shooting bag, as the name indicates, is a perfect solution for covert operations as well as security details. The MP9/TP9 can be shot, with mounted suppressor, from within the bag. It can also be removed in one swift motion for normal operation.

    Note that the bag in the link looks a little different than the one I took pictures of, so there might a difference. Please check before ordering.

    For about 228 Swiss Money, or about the same in American Dollars, the B&T bag is yours. Not too bad considering, and way cheaper than the HK MP5 briefcase if it’s even available today?

    Here you can see the firearm, the B&T TP9 in 9×19 mm with 30 round magazines in a coupler and a suppressor. Aimpoint on top.

    As the selector is hidden by the foldable stock I can’t see if this is a fully automatic MP9 or not, but I think it’s the semi-automatic TP9.

    B&T also have a leg holster for the TP9.

    For more information on the B&T MP9 and TP9 check here.


    I found another way of doing it, check below. Hazard4 has a soft bag solution as well, but not for shooting inside the bag.

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