New HFS Muzzle Brake from American Tactical

    HFS Brake

    American Tactical recently announced that the company’s new HFS Muzzle Brake was in production and ready for shooters to purchase.

    Made of 4140 steel, the new muzzle device promises to reduce muzzle climb after each shot by as much as 95%. According to the company, the brake “virtually [eliminates] muzzle climb when shooting.”

    It is designed to work with .223/5.56 barrels with a 1/2×28 thread pitch. The device is 2.25″ long, but no weight measurement is immediately available. American Tactical describes the HFS Muzzle Brake as being an “ultra slim design.” The company states the device is only 0.750″ across. It ships with a proprietary crush washer that allows you to properly index the brake when installing it on your rifle.

    The new HFS Muzzle Brake is made in the United States of America – Summerville, South Carolina specifically. American Tactical backs this muzzle device with a limited lifetime warranty. The suggested retail price of it is $49.95. It is available directly from the company’s website, though Brownells and other shops may also offer the brakes for sale.

    American Tactical is the same company that makes the Omni Hybrid line of AR style rifles and shotguns. One of the more interesting designs the company has released is the Omni Hybrid 410 shotgun. This .410 bore scatter gun operates much like an AR-15 with a lower that is made mostly of polymer.

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