POTD: Machine-guns of the Austrian Army

    The top picture shows what the Austrian Army calls the “Überschweres Maschinengewehr M2“, or üsMG M2 for short. This is a Browning Machine Gun, in caliber .50 BMG, M2.

    Below: The rain pours down, but a little rain never stopped the Maschinengewehr 74 from firing 7,62s downrange.

    According to Wikipedia the MG 74 is a MG 42/59 variant licensed from Beretta and manufactured by Steyr Mannlicher.

    This metohd of shooting with support, with a “human bipod” is very good and effective for a machine gun. It’s not nice to be the bipod (don’t ask how I know!) and you need very good hearing protection. In fact, it’s not very pleasant at all, but the shooter has the best time of his life.

    Notice how the soldier supportes the MG with the bipod in the left hand and the handguard with his right hand.

    Steyr AUG out of focus in front. Or Sturmgewehr 77 as it’s called in the Austrian Army.

    I suppose they are firing blanks during this training. They Steyr AUGs seems to be fitted with some kind of electronic marker. Some of the soldiers also have receivers on their helmets to mark a hit.

    It’s all fun to shoot a Machine gun, until you have to relocate and carry the damn thing. The MG74 is 12 kilos, plus ammunition, according to the Austrian Army’s figures.