AK-47 Aluminum Pistol Grip by Circle 10 AK

    Circle 10 AK manufactures an aluminum grip for AK family of rifles. It is called Aluminum Pistol Grip (APG) V1. This grip is the result of Circle 10 AK’s collaboration with KM3 Solutions.

    Images by Circle 10 AK and Damage Photos

    The V1 grip is made of 6061-T6 aluminum with hard coat anodized finish. It is a bit larger than the stock AK grips but has a better, more comfortable shape with a curved backstrap contour and finger grooves. According to Circle 10 AK, it best fits medium to large size hands. The cuts on the sides and the backstrap are rather large which should allow a solid purchase on the grip. The grip alone (without the mounting hardware) weighs 7.3 oz and the installation of the hardware which V1 grip comes with slightly increases the overall weight to 7.7 oz.

    Another important feature for those who are building their own AK rifles from parts’ kits is that the V1 grip is made in the USA thus counts as one 922(r) compliance part.

    Sootch00 YouTube channel has a video review of Circle 10 AK products among which is this grip, too.

    It is important to know that the V1 grip is not compatible with Yugoslavian M70 pattern AK rifles and with AK pistols like the M85 and M92. The APG V1 grip is available from the manufacturer’s website at $49.95.

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