Video: The RS556 Steyr Mannlicher in full auto

    The German site published a Facebook video with the Rheinrmetal Steyr Mannlicher RS556 (that’s along name) shooting both semi auto and full auto.

    New firearms are always interesting, and to see how they behave under fully automatic fire is even more fascinating.

    It looks like the RS556 has an Aimpoint and an Aimpoint Magnifier attached as optics. The magazine looks like a Magpul PMAG with a Window.

    Once they go from semi auto into full, well the magazine is empty before you can imagine.


    In case the videolink doesn’t work try HERE.

    It seems the shooter is left eye dominant.

    By the looks of it, the target is a smaller lorry. Poor thing.

    The rifle seems to be shooting very flat, with low recoil. It would be interesting to see the RS556 in fully automatic with a shooter standing as well, to judge the recoil better.


    Again I’m going to express my concern with the design of the gas block and the short handguard.

    As you can see in the video they are using a shooting support, soft pad, and the support lands on the gas block and the barrel with or without intention. This will sooner or later affect how you hit, and even a small pressure on the barrel will make your bullets stray far off the intended target.

    If one want to keep the Steyr AUG possibility to change the barrel (which I think is excellent) perhaps this is the only way to design this rifle, but it’s going to cost sooner or later.

    Is the design worth it? I’m not going to judge, and perhaps this might not even be one of the criterias of the tests the German Army (and other buyers) will conduct?

    I just know that in dynamic sports shooting this would be an issue, and it’s going to cost missed targets sooner rather than later. I would personally prefer a fully free floating barrel than the possibility to change the barrel on an operator level. Gunsmiths need jobs as well.

    The RS556 and the Steyr AUG. Note the gas block similarities.

    Below you can find links to the manufacturer’s websites:


    There are more details and exhibition pictures of the RS556 in TFB’s recent article HERE.

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