Ruger 22 Charger AR Pistol Brace Adapter From Copper Custom

    Pistol braces (or stabilizing braces) have been pretty hot the last year or so, especially since the ATF reversed their stance on shouldering them. In case you didn’t know, the ATF said you couldn’t shoulder a pistol brace a few years back. Then earlier this year they changed their minds and said it was OK to shoulder them again. Since then a bunch of different pistol braces have come out for various firearms. To some pistol braces are the gun equivalent of the vape (they make you look like a douche bag?). I think pistol braces are a good option for those in states that don’t allow you to own an SBR.

    Well, the folks over at Copper Custom has their own adapter that allows you to use an AR-15 pistol brace on the Ruger 22 Charger pistol. Their new adapter allows you to mount an AR buffer tube that you can then attach your pistol brace to, or you can attach a stock if you’ve registered it as an SBR. The CNC machined mount is made out of 6061-T6 Aluminum and weighs in at 3.5oz. It fits all factory synthetic stocks for the Ruger 22 Charger. The new adapter retails for $54.95 over at

    Copper Custom Website

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