POTD: Uno Modular Suppressor

    Eric P. was kind enough to share these photos with us. He recently acquired a small collection of NFA items from an SOT dealer. The Uno was one of the items he obtained.

    Check out this old school silencer. The “UNO”. One of the first multi caliber silencers ever made. I bought it along with a collection from a retired SOT dealer. That’s a Omega next to it to compare size. Long story on how it came about to be sold and legal battle with ATF I will not bore you with. But wow technology has advanced and silencers have become smaller and quieter.

    The Uno is a modular suppressor that accomodated multiple calibers up to .45acp. In the photo above it looks like there are threaded endcaps for an M16, M10 and a .380 which I assum is the M11. There is a story behind it and it relates to the SOT that Eric obtained this suppressor from.

    The guy who originally made these was told he wound have to register each threaded adapter as a separate silencer. So basically about 1600.00 in tax stamps per silencer. He hired the guy I bought it from to take it to court. Well they won the case and was able to register as a single stamp silencer. This was part of the payment. This guy had some really old stuff in the collection. I kept most of it for myself. I got a American 180 with two uppers, three drums, and silencer out of it as well. Always wanted one. Havent touched it since I got it but it’s there if I decide to dig it out of the vault. I am pretty sure I am going to try this huge silencer out on something

    Eric would like to know if anyone has seen or has an Uno suppressor like this? Let us know in the comments.