MagnetoSpeed’s 3 Round Mini Mag That Stores In Their Pistol Grip

    Have you ever run out of ammo while out on a mission or mall patrol and thought, damn I need just three more rounds?! Don’t worry, MagnetoSpeed has you covered with their new Mini Mags they’re now selling on their store. If you don’t remember┬áMagnetoSpeed they’re the makers of those cool barrel-mounted chronographs. They also make a nifty shot indicator that attaches to steel targets which lets you know if you’ve hit your target or not.

    They actually debuted their Mini-Mag as part of their M-Series Grip System late last year. MagnetoSpeed’s polymer M-Series Grip can store various items that can be easily deployed, their grip can store a Dry Box, the 3 round Mini Mag, an LED Mini Light or a Mono Pod.

    The Mini Mag fits right in the pistol grip and pops out by releasing a toe catch. It works with .223, 5.56 NATO and 300BLK rounds. Because the Mini-Mag is so short it actually sits above the mag catch and you have to push it all the way up the magwell. It’s not best for tactical mag changes but it’s extra 3 rounds that may come in handy when you need it.┬áThe M-Series Grip is currently going for $25.50 and includes the Dry Box, the Mini Mag goes for $8.75.

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