The German Bordeinsatzkompanie with HK MP5s and G36s

    The German Marine Blog posted some really cool pictures from a training day with the Bordeinsatzkompanie.

    The German Bordeinsatzkompanie (BEK) is a kind of Special Forces for the German Navy, with the focus to handle situations at the sea, ships and harbors in a, let’s say, “tactical way” whenever necessary.

    I spot Heckler & Koch MP5s with worn EOTechs and flashlights.

    Three EOTech:ed HK MP5s covering all angels, and taking control over the ship step by step, level by level.

    Below: HK G36 on board, taking control of the bridge.

    Training day: Two suspicious inflatable boats have been spotted in the harbor. The team leader describes the situation and the plan how to proceed. By the looks of it, empty HK magazines play the role of boats on the improvised map.

    Below: All magazines seem empty on this training day.

    Note the EOTech with magnifier on the HK G36 in FDE to the left, with laser and light fitted. Marine to the right has a HK MP5.

    The “activist” looks like they’re having a serious hang over, or is it sea sickness? There will be no more smuggling here!

    Look! Someone submerged a bunch of blue guns for us to find.

    All photos by Bundeswehr and the brilliant photographer David Hecker.

    Eric B

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