West Midlands Police (UK) and the The Gun Surrender

    There was a Tweet from the West Midlands Police (United Kingdom) that woke my interest.

    A picture of what – at a glance – looked like a FN SCAR with the words “LOOK what was handed in to police in Coventry last week − a semi-automatic rifle with spare magazines!

    However the UK Police (and some other EU countries) is notorious for scaring people about firearms (and knives).

    Unfortunately they get the reactions they are looking for like: “How the hell did someone get hold of a semiauto SCAR with the ban that was enforced decades ago? This gun didnt exist then!

    While it’s impossible to know the exact background of this firearm, it can actually be legally owned in the UK with a firearms license. I would say this is the most probable source of this firearm, and it has nothing to do with crime.

    More likely the background of this firearm is a completely legal ownership and someone decided to hand it in for some reason.

    Just because someone hands a firearm in to the Police doesn’t mean it’s illegal. Unfortunately that is how the Police chose to pitch it.

    And we can all see that there is no FN SCAR in the picture. It’s a .22LR from ISSC MK22. You can notice the magazines are for .22LR.



    Here you can see which model of firearm that was handed in.

    ISSC from Austria has a MK22 SCAR looking .22LR in among their products.

    Check here for details: http://www.issc.at/produkt/mk22/?lang=en

    The model is also available in desert and a shorter version.

    Some more Tweets from the Police:


    Help us tackle gun crime. Our gun surrender campaign runs until the 1 October. Do YOU have a gun? Do the right thing & hand it into us.


    Don’t risk time behind bars! Our gun surrender campaign runs until 1 Oct. Do the right thing. Check our poster for more info:


    For the record, if the West Midlands Police Tweet Changes. The Gun Surrender 15 September to 1 October 2017.


    In the previous firearms surrender in 2014  there were 131 firearms and more than 1 000 rounds of ammunition handed in. Not a whole lot if you ask me, and there is no mentioning if those firearms were considered legal or legal, or had anything to do with crime at all.


    Eric B

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