‘Nuff Said!… Spike’s Tactical Snowflake Lower Receiver


    Spike’s Tactical is known for their one-of-a-kind lower receivers and generally great products primarily relating to the AR-15 platform. By pairing up with Sharps Bros. they have created billet machined skulls, wild pigs and a multitude of other lowers that are flat out cool as heck!

    Their latest lower receiver takes the cake in regards to “Wow” and shock factor. It is the “Snowflake” lower and once you watch this video, you will understand why.

    If you had difficulty catching everything that was said or just want to enjoy their raw explanation again, here are their words:

    Hey guys!

    This is Mookie with Spike’s Tactical. The company that doesn’t give a s*** about your feelings.

    Umm, we made a lower to let you know how much we care. This is called the ‘Snowflake.’ As you can see it has a beautiful little unicorn, and the trigger selections are ‘Safe Space,’ ‘Triggered’ and ‘Full LibTard.’

    We don’t care about you being butt-hurt on other people’s behalves.

    We don’t care about what you do in your home. Stay out of ours…

    and get a job!… Skinny jeans…

    At the moment, if you visit YouTube and read the video description, Spike’s Tactical is stating that this lower receiver will not be available until October 1st of this year. At that time, they will have it on their website with more information and pricing.

    Just by the looks of the video they are holding a plastic or polymer mold. So whether the Snowflake lower will be billet or not is uncertain; thus, leaving a pretty big window open as to what the price could be.

    All in all…. Would you buy this lower? Sound off in the comments! Because this is a good one to converse about!

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