POTD: B&T TP9 In Deep Stealth Mode

    We have featured the B&T TP9 as TFB’s ‘Photo Of The Day’ in the past, but not in the form of near complete signature reduction and light and laser glory. This TP9 is in full stealth mode.

    One issue with attaching a weaponlight to a gun with a silencer mounted is the fact that the shadow cast on the opposite side can obscure your target. The B&T TP9 suppressor includes an accessory rail on the mount to get the beam a just little farther forward.

    B&T TP9 Stealth Mode

    Stealth mode

    Photo credit: ECPrevatte – AR15.Com

    My favorite version is the forest green model.

    B&T tactical pistol TP9-N cal. 9 x 19 mm If less is more, the TP9-N, the semiautomatic version of the MP-9-N, is the perfect choice. Smaller, lighter and more flexible than all other weapons in this class, the TP9-N is really convincing. The MP9-N/TP9-N was refined and optimized in cooperation with special units from police and military. It is the perfect gun for covert operations of all kinds as well as a Personal Defense Weapon (PDW).

    The integrated vertical fore grip on the EU (TP9-N) models makes this B&T an Any Other Weapon (AOW) without a stock or a short barreled rifle (SBR) in the United States. Either way, importing NFA items into the U.S. for individual civilians is not possible. Luckily for us the TP9 is available as an imported pistol.