WARNING: 80% Full Auto Glock Kits For Sale

    Listen, I want the NFA repealed, the 1986 ban on new machine guns abolished and complete firearms freedom as much, if not more, than any other flag-waving American. However, the current law of the land is, well, the law of the land. So if the internet equivalent of a van offering free candy pulls up, it’s probably best to give it a wide berth. I’m talking about 80% full auto Glock parts.

    Yes, the description reads “SOT/Manufacturer required to complete”. But bullet-hose temptation is like a moth to a flame – there will be those who decide to take the leap of faith. And even though I believe in free will, I feel it’s necessary to remind those who are interested that there is no such things as an 80% full auto Glock. As I am reminded by other staff here at TFB, these “kits” aren’t a new occurrence. But with a new generation of shooters coming aboard, I offer up a friendly reminder: “if it seems to good to be true, it’s probably a Glock full auto kit.”


    Glock ‘KIT’ 80%

    *No Sales to Washington State*


    PLEASE: ask ANY and ALL questions you have before you place an order! The kits are made of 41/40 steel. The Glock Conversion Kits are 100% legal to own. The Glock kits come with “instructions” (JnC Manufacturing will not assist any individual or NON-SOT licensee in the completion of these kits). These items are not ready to be installed! There is machining required to each part! A FFL/SOT is required to complete or be in possession of a completed unit. JnC Manufacturing sells these kits as collectors Items or Novelty items. By placing an order you agree to the terms and conditions.
    Shipping is USPS Priority and is done every Monday and Thursday. Please allow 5 days for delivery. If you do not receive your order in 5 business days please call our office.


    Our office phone is (503) 556-5080
    Our office hours are Tuesday- Friday 9am-7pm PST (WEST COAST)
    $10 MILITARY DISCOUNT for active, reserve or retired military personnel (Please contact us before ordering to receive your personalized coupon code)



    80% drop in auto kits. Do not need to modify firearm. Once unit is complete.
    $85.00 for Full auto ( Free Shipping )
    185.00 for select fire ( Free Shipping )
    *** BEFORE Finishing and installing these parts ***
    *** You must be A SOT manufacturer and file a form 2 ***
    *** All BATFE RULES APPLY ***

    It is not illegal for individuals to own these parts in current form. The customer and I are not required to inform law enforcement/BATFE due to them considering these unfinished parts as paper weights.

    Requires basic tooling to finish. Just replacing the backplate. This is a much more cost efficient way to own a full auto glock. Kit comes with instructions and the form needed to file.

    Charles Gossett
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