Accuracy: A Cheap AR15 versus the Mini-14

    In this episode of TFBTV, James puts the rumor that the Mini-14 is inherently inaccurate to the test. While the earlier Mini-14s were not very accurate, Ruger has undertaken a series of improvements, starting with the 580-prefix serialed rifles, to increase accuracy. But did it actually work? PLEASE NOTE: While James has an AR15 to compare the Mini-14 with, note that the AR15 being used is an entry-level rifle that costs about half as much as the Mini-14, and the PSA Freedom upper has a 1:7 twist, so the Mini-14’s 1:9 twist gives it an accuracy advantage with the 55gr bullets used in this test.

    That all said, while the AR15 as a platform might be the more accurate choice, how does the Mini-14 stack up against a budget AR15? Watch the video to find out.

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