Serbian Zastava Special Forces AK Magazines

    In the the constantly expanding category of ‘things I didn’t know existed’, TFB reader “ABKThereal” sent me these pictures of Zastava 7.62×39 AK magazines made specifically for the Serbian Special Forces. These mags are made with a combination of polymer and steel, feature a heavy duty baseplate and are “available” in 30 and 40 round capacities. Has anyone seen these for sale in the U.S. or abroad?

    The front strap on these magazines appear to be reinforced in the top half (above profile picture).

    Serbian Special Forces

    Steel reinforced contact/load points.

    No noticeable seams or manufacturing mold-marks.

    Monopod-like baseplate surface for support and drop protection.



    Check out what looks to be an extra long/heavy spring and reinforced follower in the video below.

    Published on Sep 15, 2017

    These are Zastava made polymer, steel reinforced magazines made for and issued to the Serbian special forces. These are rare with only a few on the private market, I have had x7 40 rounders and x7 30 rounders pass through my hands and I sold all of them and kept only one of each for my own collection. I do have access to some more straight from Serbia!

    I’ll have to research any possible import restrictions on these mags. I’m not a collector, but they are unique enough to want to actually see one in person.


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