New Firefield Impact and Impact Duo Reflex Sights

    Firefield has introduced a couple of new reflex sights called Impact and Impact Duo. The main difference between the two is that Impact Duo has a side mounted red laser sight.

    Firefield Impact. See the Impact Duo on the top image of this article

    Both sights are non-magnified and are designed for close range target engagements. They come with four red reticle patterns with adjustable brightness levels (6 settings). The dot only reticle has a 5 MOA dot, other reticles have a 3 MOA dot and 50 MOA circle or crosshair.

    The Impact sight is powered by a CR 2032 battery whereas the Duo version uses a single CR2 battery. Both versions have an IP55 water resistance rating, which means they are protected from low-pressure water jets presented from any direction and have a limited dust and water ingress protection. The sights also feature an unlimited eye relief. Some of the other features are described in the video below. A more detailed and complete description is available on Firefield’s website.

    The MSRP for the Impact sight is $49.97 and the Impact Duo costs $95.99. I personally think the laser is not that important feature to pay almost twice as much for the Duo version. But that’s a matter of personal preference and you may find it worthy to pay the price.

    Hrachya H

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