Geo-Pak Hunting App for your iOS and Android Devices

    hunting app

    Billing itself as “The Ultimate Hunting Multi-Tool,” the Geo-Pak Hunt app offers hunters a variety of planning and stalking tools that are run from your phone or tablet. The Geo-Pak Hunt app can be had on the Google Play and Apple App Store. Believe it or not, you can also get it for a Windows phone.

    As with many (most?) apps, the company uses a freemium model. According to the information on the company’s website, the free version allows you to plan using sun, moon, weather and wind information. It will also allow you to use real time tracking in the map section and create up to 10 pins and journals.

    A subscription (offered in one, three and 12-month increments) unlocks additional features including:

    • augmented reality with real time information on distance and direction to other hunters in your group, pins placed by you and other objects
    • real time GPS tracking of other hunters in your group
    • up to 1,000 pins and journals
    • up to 1,000 hunting areas with boundaries

    There is a free one-week trial for the premium features that allows you to try them out to see if you want them.

    hunting app

    The app allows you to set warning alarms based on how close you are to a boundary or another hunter. Trackers can be attached to hunting dogs for additional safety warnings. Additionally, you can set it up to alert you to sunrise and sunset.

    The GEOJournal feature allows you to record information about your hunt including successes, misses, photos, GPS positioning and weather data. These can be kept private or shared with others. The app can also import photos from on- and offline trailcams.

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