Sons Of Liberty Gun Works Talks Staking AR-15 Castle Nuts | Yes, It Is Necessary

    Every time that I ding a rifle for not having the endplate properly staked, I expect no less than 6 neckbeards in the comments screaming about how it is 2017 and thread locking compounds have come so far. I am never disappointed and I fully expect the comments on this post to be no different.

    Sons Of Liberty Gun Works took the time to put together a video addressing some of the bad advice that plagues the internet.

    What are some of the utterly ridiculous reasons I have heard for NOT staking an end plate?

    • Staking an endplate is ugly.
    • Loctite is just as good.
    • Staked castle nuts are hard to take off.
    • It is more difficult to replace receiver extensions.
    • I can’t remove the receiver extension in the field with a bullet tip to repair something if the receiver extension is staked.

    Now that you are thoroughly entertained by your fellow reader’s failings, listen to what Sons Of Liberty has to say about the subject and think about heeding his advice. There is a reason that top-tier AR-15 manufacturers still stake every single end plate without fail.

    Check out Sons Of Liberty Gun Works on their website at