FIME Group Reports Only 400 Vepr 12 Shotguns Remain For US Sale

    Back in June, we reported that the US Department of Treasury had added Molot-Oruzhie to the sanctions list. As a result, further import of the 12 gauge shotgun based on Kalashnikov’s design as well as any other product that Molot might produce is no longer importable. FIME Group is the sole US importer of Molot-Oruzhie firearms and have reported that their inventory is rather low. They say that only 400 Vepr 12 shotguns remain. After the 400 are sold, FIME says there will not be any more in the foreseeable future due to the sanctions.

    From FIME Group:

    Las Vegas, NV – 
    The FIME Group, the importer of Molot Vepr rifles and shotguns, is announcing to the public that there are only approximately 400 of the Vepr-12-02 model shotguns available for purchase. Molot has the reputation of being one of the most reliable and consistent manufacturers of firearms in the industry and produces some of the most sought after Kalashnikov-based products available.

    “This is it.  This is all we have and it is one of the most sought after configurations of the VEPR 12 that we imported,” says Walker English of the FIME Group. “The distributor RSR Group holds all of the remaining stock in their inventory. If a customer would like to purchase one of these models, this is their last chance to do so. They need to either have their local dealer order one through RSR, or seek out an online dealer or another dealer that might have one in stock. Given the current sanctions, once these are gone, there are no more available..”

    Based on the RPK light machine gun Kalashnikov variant, the Molot Vepr 12 (VPR-12-02) is an original Russian production 12-gauge shotgun.   Due to import regulations, Molot products have been banned from US importation; thus making them instant collectors items and must-haves in any serious collection.

    “We wanted our customers to be aware of the limited inventory levels, so that if there was a desire to own one of these shotguns, they could take advantage of this opportunity before it was too late,” adds English.