[DSEI-2017] Victrix Armament CORVUS .50 Caliber Anti-Materiel Rifle

    During DSEI-2017 arms exhibition Victrix Armament, a subsidiary of Beretta, has released a bolt action anti-materiel rifle called Corvus. This is the first time Beretta (or one of its subsidiaries) introduces a firearm chambered in .50 BMG. It is also the largest caliber for them.

    Images by Beretta and Victrix

    In the press release published by Beretta Defence Technologies, they call this rifle a “heavy sniper rifle” unlike the industry standard name of anti-materiel rifle. Probably the reason they call it that way is the accuracy of this rifle. Beretta claims Corvus to achieve .5 MOA accuracy at 1000 meters with Sniper Elite match ammunition. It means that the rifle is capable of putting the rounds into about a 5″ group at that distance, which is pretty impressive!

    The action of Corvus rifle is made of AISI 630 stainless steel. The rifle features a 3-lug bolt and a 27″ barrel equipped with a large muzzle brake normally seen in many other rifles of this category. It has a fully adjustable folding stock, adjustable trigger and light alloy chassis. The rifle also has a number of QD swivel sockets both on the stock and the carry handle. It is fed from 5-round detachable box magazines. The overall weight with the bipod is 38.9 lbs. The overall length of the Corvus rifle is 57″ with the stock extended and 45.4″ with a folded stock.

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