PSA: Make Sure To Sign Your ATF Forms

    Credit: MP5SD line art by Pewdoodles.

    After waiting nearly a year and a half for two ATF Form 4s to clear NFA purgatory, the last thing I wanted to hear was that my paperwork had been returned to my dealer with an error letter. Even worse is that I had no one to blame but myself. So as a warning to anyone who is getting ready to submit ATF forms as part of an application to transfer or make NFA items, I am issuing this public safety announcement: don’t forget to f*^%ing sign them.

    The paperwork and process to transfer NFA items like silencers isn’t hard – a little personal information here, a photograph there, throw in some fingerprint cards and you are done. However, you have to sign and date the forms. Sounds pretty simple, but when you are filling out four¬†at a time, some critical fields can be lost in the fog. So don’t forget to sign your f*^%ing forms.

    ATF forms

    After signing my f*^%ing forms, I sent them all back to the NFA Division in West Virginia via overnight priority U.S. mail. With any luck, I should have an approval in a couple of weeks. In some way, the delay in approval being my own fault has helped with my mourning period. Now I don’t have a nameless, faceless ¬†process to blame. Only myself.

    If only I had signed my f*^%ing forms! It’s probably easier if if can all be handled digitally.

    Thanks for letting me vent.

    Form 4 here.

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