Russia to Launch Government Tests of AM-17 and AMB-17 Rifles in 2018

    In one of its recent news releases, Kalashnikov Concern has announced that the Russian government will start testing the new AM-17 and AMB-17 compact assault rifles in 2018. Several Russian special service agencies including the Federal Protective Service (FSO) and Federal Security Service (FSB) as well as the Russian National Guard have expressed a high interest in these two firearms.


    Once the tests are finished, the Kalashnikov Concern will start mass production of both rifles. The AM-17 will most likely replace the AKS-74U (a.k.a Krinkov). Dimensions wise the AM-17 is comparable to the AKS-74U. It has an advantage of being slightly lighter weight – 2.5 kg compared to 2.7 kg of Krinkov. BCGs of these rifles ride on a top chassis allowing them to have most of the receiver parts made of polymer┬ámaterial thus making them lighter. This layout was pioneered by Yevgeny Dragunov in his MA compact rifle design which ironically was AKS-74U’s competitor in the trials. The suppressed version (AMB-17) will probably be considered for replacing firearms like AS VAL or VSS Vintorez.

    Below is a video recently released by the Kalashnikov Media demonstrating the two rifles:

    Although the AKS-74U, VSS and AS VAL are great firearms with many years of service and proven to be extremely reliable, I think replacing them with these two rifles could probably be a good decision. AM-17 and AMB-17 will be able to fulfill the roles of a number of mentioned older firearms at the same time having a high level of parts compatibility between each other.

    Hrachya H

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