Strike Industries Strikes Again – Featureless Grip for Restricted Locales

    While I lament the need for various “featureless” weapon’s features to be featured, I am not immune to the need for featureless features to be featured. Simply put, due to various laws, the featureless features are indeed needed.

    Strike Industries continues their prodigious rate of product release, keeping true to their reputation for inexpensively ingenuity and simplicity. Where the AR has gotten most of the attention for these featureless requirements, Strike Industries gives the AK some love with their SFG or “Simple Featureless Grip”.

    As the name implies, it is a dead-simple grip that when attached to an appropriately equipped weapon, renders it “complaint” with the local dictates. In short, the grip extends a fin off the entire rear of the grip, which cannot then be used as a “pistol” grip as the thumb cannot wrap around the fin. This can make the weapon uncomfortable for some – but it does keep it legal.

    The SFG is 100% ambidextrous, unlike a similar AR version which is dedicated to the right-hand side. It should handle the roughest abuse though, being made from polymer.

    Best of all? Retail price is just $9.95, which takes a lot of the pain out of simply having to have one of these “featureless” builds. 


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