SHOT 2018: New Less-Lethal Products to be Exhibited at Industry Range Day

    SHOT Show is the pinnacle of all things fun and tacti-cool about the firearms industry. For a week every winter, gun writers, manufacturers and firearm enthusiasts all gather out in the desert of Las Vegas to see what will be the new hotness for the year. This year will be the start of something entirely new for those who are able to attend the exclusive Industry Range Day and report on it for the rest of us. A new Less-Lethal category of products will be allowed to attend and display their wares for everyone to fondle and tantalize over.

    The promoters and hosts of SHOT Show made this announcement recently on their website proudly exclaiming the new category:

    Our friends at CMG Marketing & Events and Triple Curl PR & Advertising have announced that they are extending an invitation to the manufacturers of products such as pepper spray, stun guns and other goods the firearms industry refers to as the category of “less-lethal” products to exhibit in an all-new display area designed just for them and being added to the 2018 Industry Day at the Range…

    …the new Less-Lethal area will allow a fresh category of manufacturers an opportunity to demonstrate their product to the more than 1,600 media and buyers in attendance at Industry Day. This exhibit opportunity is being offered to the manufacturers of pepper spray, restraints, lighting, protective gear, diversion devices, stun devices, batons and similarly related products at a special rate.

    The beauty and fun of the Industry Range Day is the expected 1,600 media personnel that attend get a truly hands-on experience to report on the products they see (with a fair amount of drooling going on as well). With firearms and the like, you are shooting down-range in a safe, but fun capacity to demo products. With this new Less-Lethal category, there might be an even more hands-on experience.

    Will people be tased?… Are any media people bold enough to “demo” being struck by a baton?…

    Somebody is going to draw the short straw from some media outlet, right?

    This will be great advertising for all of the Less-Lethal companies that decide to attend, but it could also make your lunch break at work that much more entertaining by watching the new products in action!

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