EP Armory Selling Original Polymer AR-15 Molds Seized by the BATFE as Evidence

    EP Armory announced the company was selling its original EP80-1 AR-15 lower molds. These are the same 80% AR lower molds that were seized by the BATFE as evidence. BATFE seized the molds in March of 2014 when the agency believed the molds produced lowers that should have been classified as firearms instead of unfinished (80%) parts.

    The BATFE returned the molds to EP Armory on August 30, 2017. EP Armory is now selling the molds along with the evidence boxes, labels and other materials. The materials included seem to be everything that was returned with the molds.

    EP Armory is even including a sealed evidence bag that was returned. EP Armory advises they don’t even know what’s in the bag, but will include it with the sale.

    The purchase of the molds will require a nondisclosure agreement. The sale will include manufacturing rights for the buyer. EP Armory states that they will honor discreet transfers if desired.

    According to the information provided by EP Armory, there is a nonrefundable deposit of $5,000 required prior to sale. The total sale price is $150,000.

    If you’re interested in either the legal or historical aspects of the ATF case against EP Armory, the company is offering several options with the sale of the molds. These options include:

    • an entire copy of the caseload: $4,500,
    • photos of the BATFE raid on the EP Armory facility: $250,
    • a video copy of the live feed of the BATFE raid: $500,
    • a signed copy of the search warrants: $500, and
    • a one-on-one interview EP Armory CEO Chris Cook: $5,000.
    Richard Johnson

    An advocate of gun proliferation zones, Richard is a long time shooter, former cop and internet entrepreneur. Among the many places he calls home is http://www.gunsholstersandgear.com/.